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Letter to my new NutriPatient

I am very grateful for your trust placed in me, I know you have the illusion that I will help you but aside from emotions I want to tell you something...

I know that you have struggled internally and sometimes expressed your desire to lose weight... I know that sometimes you have tried in secret so as not to be judged in case you fail... I am not here to judge you, I am here to help you.

I tell you that I went through this same ups and downs, years after years, the same New Year's resolution one after another, however, what worked for me to lose weight was knowledge and well, knowledge with action is the solution.

I had to study nutrition, learn a lot about it, change my mental chip with so many nutritional myths that I hear daily, make my eating plan and follow myself, until I finally reached my goal.

Improving your diet and your lifestyle is a personal task, you fulfill yourself for yourself, not for your partner or to please others, and if you do not fulfill yourself, it is not because of your partner or your friend who eats everything and does not get fat, but your fault, because everything is your decision.

It is not only about motivation, it is about discipline, motivation I know you have and it is the first impulse to start your healthy lifestyle, the rest is up to the discipline that is reflected in your organization for your meals (and the rest of your daily life) as well as to fulfill yourself.

Why do you think my method is called "Let's learn to eat"? Because I am interested in you learning about Nutrition for your daily life and putting it into practice, I taught you in simple terms about Nutrition through the group Videoconferences that we have monthly, a few days ago I had to do the annual evaluation of my services and ( apart from the eating plan) the group Videoconferences was one of the services that everyone liked and the common factor present in my successful patients (some published on social networks), not only because they are beautiful, but because they solve many doubts and myths, This is like going to school or going to work.

How many times have you wanted to stay asleep and not go to work? But what are you doing? - You get up, get ready and leave, because you would have a negative consequence if you don't go because "I just don't want to go", the same thing happens with your plan, if you don't enroll in a class the consequence will be that you won't get out of the lack of knowledge in nutrition that leads you to believe in myths or do nonsense things like the 21-day challenges, fasting lemon water, intermittent fasting, or doing cardio on an empty stomach.

You are going to be a nutritionally independent person, what does this mean? With my methodology you will learn to assemble your plate, to know your portions and to combine your food, I do not work with the typical hourly menu that looks like a school one where I indicate what you have to eat at each time, with my method you will learn to eat and at the end of my complete 3-month program, you will be convinced that you are a person who no longer needs to invest a single penny in nutrition, because you already know your portions and you already know Nutrition for your daily life. I trust you and I know you are capable of achieving your goal.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with your mental health, when you see the progress of your body and your physical health, your mental health also improves, you increase your self-esteem, you become more confident, happier and you are always in a good mood.

I am a faithful believer that Nutrition is the basis of everything in Medicine, since we all need to eat well to be healthy, the pregnant woman, the patient with diabetes, with hypertension, the growing baby, the athlete, etc.

Thank you again for your trust in allowing me to be the doctor who provides updated and reliable information in this beautiful process where you will improve your health through knowledge and your fully personalized eating plan.

I wish you a lot of success,

Dr. Hellen Araya Parrales

Medical Nutritionist

University Expert in Nutrition and Dietetics Applied to Sport

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