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Why are there some that muscle more tan others?

The answer is easy... we are all different and that is why we should not compare ourselves with others. 🤓

The factors already identified that influence muscle capacity are:

1.- Food: You have to have a food plan according to YOUR goal with your calories and macros well calculated.

2.- Age: It is not the same to start training at 15 (where there are higher testosterone levels) than at 35 (where the test goes down). 🧐

3.- Training: FUNDAMENTAL - There are many people who leave everything to protein and actually do not see results, since the muscle needs sufficient stimulation through strength training in order to grow. 🦵💪

4.- Genetics: The muscles depend on our bones (the bones support the muscles) and these are defined by our genetics, the bones cannot be modified, if we have a small bone structure, obviously (and naturally, without sacrificing our health). We are not going to have such big muscles. 😟

5.- Sex: Testosterone receptors (which is necessary for muscle) are found mainly in the upper body in men (that's why they develop more of the upper body) and in the lower body in women. 🤭

6.- Rest: It is necessary not to OVERTRAIN our muscles since they need adequate rest periods, approximately 48 hours to recover, for this reason, many people who train buttocks every other day do not see results, rest and see. 😉

7.- Supplementation: Scientifically proven without repercussions on health: Creatine, whose main function is to increase water to the muscle cell so that it increases in volume (thus, in weight). 😎

Tell me in the comments, what other type of factor do you consider important when it comes to increasing muscles?

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